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Below are some signs of aging and areas that can be addressed with Resculpt Medical Threads.  Some examples of before/after photos are also shown in slider gallery.  There are many others areas that can be treated with Resculpt Threads.  Contact us for further information.

Facial changes with aging that are addressed with pdo threads.
PDO threads in face and neck

Resculpt PDO Threads for Jowls, Cheeks, Eyes, Neck and Body

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Photo Gallery

before after cheeks and jowl pdo thread lift

Treatment of Cheeks and Jowls with barbed threads.

Before and After Treatment of Undereye Tear trough region with Boost Threads.

before and after pdo thread treatment for undereye tear trough hollowing or eye bags
before/ after neck lift with pdo threads
before/after neck lift with pdo threads

Before and after TautUp threads for Neck Lift

Before and After Profile Threads for Nose Lift

before after pdo thread treatment
Woman with Hand on Face


Join the Future of Aesthetic Medicine with Resculpt Medical Threads

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