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Transforming Beauty, One Thread at a Time

Welcome to the World of PDO Threads: The Future of Aesthetic Medicine

My name is Dr. Nancy Kim and I am the medical director of Resculpt Threads. I am also the author of the textbook Non-Surgical Thread Procedures. I am an actively practicing physician with an aesthetic medicine practice in Los Angeles with a focus on thread procedures. My clinic is called Adagio Aesthetic Medicine and Thread Lift Center. I have over a decade of experience performing thread procedures and hope to share my passion with others who enjoy or wish to learn about performing thread procedures.

I hope to create a useful resource for practitioners during the rewarding and challenging journey of discovering the power of threads. This resource will include videos of procedures related to threads. You are also invited to ask questions, add comments or advice and share your own experiences on the forum. Start your journey now and reap the rewards of transforming beauty, one thread at a time.

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