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Transforming Beauty, One Thread at a Time

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Resculpt Medical Threads' Mission

The mission of Resculpt Medical Threads is to help you help your patients.  Because the company is founded and lead by a physician who has focused her practice on thread procedures, we take the guesswork out of choosing which threads to purchase.  We provide premium FDA approved* PDO threads that allow for optimization of technique at all skill levels.  We also provide the proper tools and training with the paramount goal of superior results and patient satisfaction in mind.  You are invited to become a member, benefit from our blogs and forum, and join us in our mission to manifest threads as powerful tools in the art and science of anti-aging.

*FDA 510K Clearance number is K160761. Our threads are manufactured by the same major south korean manufacturer as other thread companies in the US such as Nova and others.

Have questions?  Want to discuss and view the threads in more detail?  Contact us to schedule a video meeting with the medical director.

Only clinical providers or practices may purchase threads.


How Can We Help You?


Why Choose Resculpt Medical Threads?

The truth about threads is that proper technique and experience matter most.  Resculpt Medical Threads supplies physicians and other aesthetic providers with premium selected threads that not only perform well but also enable providers of all skill levels to have confidence in their technique.  It is easy to be mislead by the myriad of design innovations that sound impressive but in practice make the procedure more difficult or produce negative results.  The portfolio of threads are specifically chosen by Dr. Nancy Kim M.D, the owner of Thread Lift Center in Los Angeles and author of the first and only textbook about thread procedures published by a US physician.  All threads have been included only after experience has proven them to be easy to use, effective while minimizing risk of complications.  The collection also includes threads that are available exclusively including Boost Braided threads, the thickest threads available on the market for collagen production.  Also exclusive are Precision  and Titan threads which are pre-loaded entirely within the cannulas to allow for retraction and correction of placement.  

18G Barb Tip_edited.jpg

Boost Braided Thread

Screen Shot 2023-03-30 at 12.00_edited.jpg


Trainings At Your Convenience

Trainings in Los Angeles held weekly.  Please request if you would like trainings in your own clinic.  Trainings in clinics located in California or Florida are available.

Training and support are Complimentary with Purchase of Threads.



Dr. Kim is amazing, she is experienced, gentle and procedure was done in an 1-1/2 hrs.  Facial Threadlift is something I will continue to do through the years.  Results were instant and the recovery time was minimal.  I am still seeing changes for the better as time goes on.  Very nataural lift and I keep getting compliments that I look so rested and refreshed.  I feel so much more confident with my new refreshed look and HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anyone who wants to look in the mirror each day to find a more beautiful YOU!!!  THANK YOU DR KIM :)
-Val G.

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Transforming Beauty, One Thread at a Time

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